Five of the most significant TROY sports moments

August 17, 2018
By Tom Davis

Forget what that American-born English playwright said about April being the cruelest month. For college sports fans, August is pretty cruel, too.

The College World Series is over around July 1 and I look forward to a few weeks without college sports; hey everybody needs a break. By the first or second week of August,…

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Five Ways TROY Prepared Me for Success

August 17, 2018
By Chellie Phillips

I was asked, “How did Troy University prepare you for your career?” As I stopped and thought about it, I realized TROY prepared me for more than just a career, it helped me grow into the person I am today. So, here are five ways my University helped me prepare for success.

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It Came from the Archives: July 4 in World War I-era France

August 9, 2018
By Dr. Marty Olliff

One hundred years ago, American doughboys were on the Western Front in World War I. From April 6, 1917, until the Senate passed a resolution formally ending hostilities in 1921, the U.S. was officially at war with Germany. U.S. troops, however, were only in France in significant numbers from the Spring of 1918 until Fall…

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