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Polls and pundits missed signs pointing to a Trump win

November 14, 2016
By Dr. Michael O. Slobodchikoff

On Nov. 10, a strange site was seen on television screens across the United States.  President-elect Donald Trump was visiting the White House, and was welcomed by current President Barack Obama.  Just three days earlier, President Obama had been on the campaign trail, telling audiences that Donald Trump was not qualified to be president of…

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Follow tonight’s presidential debate live on Troy Public Radio

September 26, 2016
By Matt Clower

Troy Public Radio will be providing live coverage and analysis for tonight’s historic first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The debate is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated campaign events in history, with more than 100 million expected to watch, according to NPR.

Troy Public Radio and NPR will be…

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‘Unrigging’ our elections

September 21, 2016
By Steve Stewart

“Elections are rigged,” one of my students said — echoing a word used by Donald Trump, whom she probably would not vote for.

My instinct was to disagree, but on reflection I came to the conclusion that “rigged” is too strong a word, but she has a point.

In several ways, our system makes some…

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